Thursday, October 1, 2015

New Location

Ok... So I moved a few months ago. I actually move in May. I have been serving clients in my new location and loving it. It's a coworking space for artists, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Right next door to me is a fabric designer. How perfect?!
I couldn't decide whether I wanted to be a "store" or a "design studio". I kinda don't want to be a "store". I've been there, done that.. I do love having a creative space to meet with clients, teach some sewing lessons and do some light sewing. My heavy sewing I love to do in my home studio. I am a nocturnal person so that works perfectly for me. I keep trying to be one of those "normal people" that are awake and productive during the day. That ain't me.

I do sell items in my online store. When I feel the itch to have a "store store", I have access to a great room with a beautiful window for pop up shops. I thought of using that space as a store for my entrepreneurship program that I run. For now, we all can use it for pop up shops. I am also thinking of turning it into a makerspace for the public. Hmmmmm....

I see clients by appointment only. To schedule your appointment, hop over to my website .

Here are a few pictures of the space. I don't have a sign up yet because I can't decide what I want!

Oustide of the Entrance of 1150 Revolution Mill Dr

Walk in the lobby & down the stairs
I' in here, Studio #1

My suite is beside this fabulous picture painted by the owner



One of my sewing students during her lesson in my suite!

Artist Felix Semper
Schedule your appointment for a custom garment, alterations or sewing lesson. 
~Rosalyn Womack
1150 Revolution Mill Dr, Studio #1
To learn more about the Revolution Mills and the $108 million renovations going on, visit

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