Thursday, October 16, 2014

Friday, October 10, 2014

New Hours

Service Walk in hours are now temporarily available on Fridays & Saturdays. 
The retail floor is open Tuesday - Saturday when the salon is open.

Schedule Appointments online by clicking the tab above.

~Rosalyn W.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Body Double

Most of the time when sewing for a client, I like to use a dress form.
 Dress forms usually come in limited sizes with perfect proportions.
The tummies are flat and smooth unlike real people. 
No matter what size client that I am sewing/designing for, I usually have to pad a dress form to match my client's measurements.
I own dress forms of just about every size available.
Dress forms come in different colors and price ranges.
You can even make custom dress forms out of duct tape. Those are great to see every lump, bump and curve. 
Most bodies are not equally proportionate or symmetrical.
It's very common to have one breast, foot, arm or thigh larger than the other. 
It is also common to one have one leg longer than the other. 
This doesn't mean that you are a freak. It means that you are normal.

Here is an example of a dress form that I padded to match a client's measurements. 

Even if you are sewing for yourself, having a dress form will be a huge asset.
 It's very difficult to pin and fit clothing on yourself.
Believe me, I have tried.  
I have the Fabulous Fit System. I also use a combination of batting, shoulder pads and scraps of fabric.
 I measure and pad until I get it right.
Then I put on a tight cover or tube top to smooth everything out and to hold all the pads in place while I work my magic.

This doesn't completely eliminate the need for client fittings, but it does, cut down on the number of fittings needed. No one wants to stand for hours and hours while I work. 
I do most of my creative work late at night/early morning.
 Most clients wouldn't want me to call them at 3:00am for a fitting.
 Having a dress form helps me and others that sew, to see how a garment hangs and determine if the design will work. 

Sewing Tip: I often have clients with a Bust/Waist/Hip measurement larger than 60 inches. I learned years ago to use a quilting tape measure to measure all clients. A standard measuring tape stops at 60 inches, but a quilting measuring tape stops at 120 inches. 
I have yet to meet a client that was larger than 120 inches, but I am always ready and open to whatever!

Until Next Time,
~Rosalyn W.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Second Session Sewing Class Registration is Now Open!!

Registration is now open for October/November sewing classes!

Check out some of the pictures from last month's classes.

We had so much fun! Most students were able to complete at least two projects of their choice.

Some of the things I heard were "Oh my God! I can't believe that I actually made something!"

"Nobody is going to believe that I made these."

"Oh my! These look like REAL pants!"

I look forward to welcoming these students back along with a few new ones.

I am considering adding a Saturday class. If you would be interested in a Saturday class, comment below with the most convenient class times.

Click here to view the class schedule and to register