Here is a list of questions that I get asked a lot. I will add more as I think of them.

1.      How did you learn to sew?
I remember taking my first sewing class I middle school Home EC. Unfortunately, I my schedule was changed before I could finish making my pillow. I had to wait until high school to take another sewing class. I then majored in FACS with a concentration in Fashion Merchandising & Design in college. I learned more about sewing, designing, patternmaking and merchandising.  I’m constantly learning, researching and experimenting. I am committed to being a lifelong learner. I love learning something new every day.

2.      How long have you been sewing?
Hmmm…pretty much ever since I started learning in high school. I started sewing for others right out of college in 2001.

3.      What all do you do? 
I design, sew, alterations, embroidery, restyling, teach sewing classes, mentor aspiring designers/entrepreneurs and more.

4.      Can you teach me to sew?
Yes! Sign up for one of my sewing classes.

5.      Do you sew for other people? 
Yes, I do have the right to decline clients/projects.

6.      Do you make stuff for men?
I don’t make men’s clothing. I have just have not had the interest. I do make select items for men as well as alterations and embroidery.

7.      Do you make stuff for children? Yes

8.      How much does it costs to have a dress made?
It depends on many different factors. Design, fabric, fabric shopping, pattern, notions and other details. Garments usually start at $150 for labor only and goes up. Services are $50/hr.

9. Is it cheaper to have you make my clothes rather than buying it from a store? Probably not, it usually costs a lot more to have something custom made. I can't compete (nor do I try) with Walmart and mass producers.

10.      How do I start the process of having something made?
The first step is to schedule a consultation with me.

11.   Do you use patterns?
Yes, sometimes. I make patterns by draping, flat pattern or my pattern making software. I also can use a pattern from the fabric store.

12.   Where do you buy your fabric?
Check out my resource page.

13.   What sewing machines do you use? 
I have a pfaff, singers, brothers, sergers, coverstitch and embroidery machines and an industrial machine. I like my toys.

14.   What sewing machines would you suggest for a beginner?
Start with a simple machine that has a straight stitch, a zigzag stitch and a buttonhole stitch. You can buy one for around $100. Do not buy a toy or hobby machine. You will get frustrated and give up on sewing.  You can upgrade to a better machine later if necessary.

15.   What are your store/business hours?
I’m constantly on the go. Between sewing, designing, fabric shopping, teaching, learning, raising kids and all the things that involve running my business, I don’t sit still for too long. I see clients by appointment only. I do try to offer times for walk ins when my schedule permits.

16.   How long does it take to have a dress made?
It’s always best to start the process as early as possible. Some dresses I can make in a few hours and some take days, weeks and months.

17.   Where do you have your appointments?
I see clients at my studio. I can also meet clients at client’s home, workplace, fabric stores & local restaurants/businesses..

18.   Do you do alterations? Yes

19.   I don’t live in Greensboro. Can you make something for me and ship it to me?
Absolutely. I serve many clients this way. With technology, we can consult and have fittings without ever being in the same room.

20.   Do you make wedding dresses? Yes

21.   Do you alter wedding dresses? Yes

22. Where did you go to school?
I received my BS in Family & Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Fashion Merchandising  & Design  from NC A&T State University. I received my Masters in Elementary Education from University Of Phoenix. I was working on my Doctorate degree, but after a few classes I realized that I didn't need it (nor could afford it) at that moment. Maybe I will finish it later.

23. Do you have children? 
Yes, I was a teen mom. I had my son 3 days after my 16th birthday. He is now 20 and my daughter is 15.

24. Are you married? 
Nope, I don't think God created a man strong enough to deal with me. At least He hasn't found me yet.

25. Do you work a "real job"?
Hahaha. I used to get offended when people asked me this. Sewing & working for myself is a "real job".  I was the director of a licensed after school program, taught fourth grade, taught high school, tutored, coordinated a teen parent program, worked retail, was an office manager, bank teller and other jobs I can't even remember right now. When I get bored or curious, I will pursue another "job", but will always work my business.
*Update January 2015* As the newly appointed Project Manager for the Passion to Purse Micro-enterprise Development Program at the YWCA in Greensboro,  Rosalyn, will be going into the community seeking women and helping them develop skills to start a micro-enterprise.
*Update August 2016 No longer at the YWCA.

26. You are so nice. Have you always been a "people person"?
Hahaha. I am not a people person. I am an introvert. It is my one of my life's goals to become a hermit. I am passionate about my purpose and that involves people.

27. I have a picture of dress/outfit that I want made, can you make it? 
I can take a look at it and let let you know if I can recreate it the look or create something "inspired" by the picture. Please note that I am an artist, not a magician. If you bring me a picture of Beyonce in a dress, I can make a dress similar, but I can not make you look like Beyonce.

28. Can I bring you a pattern, fabric and notions to make my dress?
Yes, you can bring all of the supplies to make your garment and just pay me for labor. However, you need to be sure to get the right supplies, anything extra that I have to supply, you will be charged for. Very rarely can I cut out a pattern and sew it up without any alterations. Most patterns need alterations.

29. Can you shop for fabric and supplies?
Yes, I can. I do charge for that.

30. Can you give me an estimate for having a dress made?
Yes, it will require a consultation. I will have to source fabrics and patterns or determine how to make a pattern for it. There is work involved to determine the estimate. Therefore I have to charge for consultations.

31. Will you make a dress for my event/photoshoot/etc, for editorial credits?
No, I don't need credits. I need money. I can't take credits to the bank. I can't pay bills with credits.

32. I know you have already started making my dress, but I found another design in another color that I like better. Can you make this one instead?
Sure, after you finish paying for this dress and then pay for the new dress.

33. Can you come to my organization and teach a workshop?
Yes, Contact me for more info