Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Atta Girl!

I know have said plenty of times that I was going to do better with blogging.
Well today, I am going to start doing better.
Things I love to talk about are topics that inspire, empower and educate.
Women's issues, social justice, race issues, entrepreneurship, financial independence, mental health, physical health, education, special education, learning disabilities, religion, faith, fashion, sewing, business, pep talks, my boring life and more.

I don't really expect anyone to actually read this blog. This is just my place to vent, clear my mind or talk to myself. If someone else in the universe reads this and finds something to inspire them, that's wonderful.
So today, it may not seem like I accomplished much, but I woke up, questioned my life, I got dressed, I left the house, questioned my life, did some sewing, listened to some podcasts, questioned my life and I blogged.

Atta Girl! Let's try it again tomorrow!
One day at a time. Baby steps.

Oh! My kids are still alive, well and accounted for.
Atta Girl!