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Burda's Plus Size Patterns

Hi Beautiful!

So, Burda Style came out with their new plus size patterns recently. Most of the comments and reviews that I have read are not good.
Unfortunately, just like in the plus size retail industry, sewing pattern companies offer the same lack of options. Many plus size women learn to sew their own clothes because of the lack of options in stores. There are even less options in sewing patterns.
 With skill and practice, you can learn to turn small patterns into larger ones, but they may end up distorted. Why should we have to do all of that extra work anyway?
I make most of my own patterns although the hoarder in me loves to buy patterns from the big 4 (Mccalls, Butterick, Vogue, Simplicity) when they are on sale.
For many many years, it has been on my goal/dream/to do list to create a line of sewing patterns for the plus size woman. I make patterns for my clients and students, but would love to branch out into an independent pattern company. I love indie companies. They provide great products.
Maybe this year will be the year. I would be in great company.

Take a look at some of these patterns from Burda's new collection. I know some women like to be covered up, but majority love to celebrate their curves.

Loft Life: 9 New Trending Plus Size Patterns

This model is super gorgeous! They know they could have done better.
To view the rest of the collection, click here .

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