Saturday, October 31, 2015

Passion to Purse Year One

Here is a short video highlighting the awesome program that I run for amazing women in Greensboro! One year down, two more to go! It's such a blessing to a part of something like this.

YWCA Greensboro Passion to Purse Program (Grantee)
We awarded our first multi-year grant – as well as our largest one to date – to YWCA Greensboro to launch their new Passion to Purse program. The Y has had a tremendously successful first year with the program. See and hear for yourselves the progress they’ve made thanks to your support.
Posted by Women to Women of Greensboro on Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday, October 1, 2015

New Location

Ok... So I moved a few months ago. I actually move in May. I have been serving clients in my new location and loving it. It's a coworking space for artists, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Right next door to me is a fabric designer. How perfect?!
I couldn't decide whether I wanted to be a "store" or a "design studio". I kinda don't want to be a "store". I've been there, done that.. I do love having a creative space to meet with clients, teach some sewing lessons and do some light sewing. My heavy sewing I love to do in my home studio. I am a nocturnal person so that works perfectly for me. I keep trying to be one of those "normal people" that are awake and productive during the day. That ain't me.

I do sell items in my online store. When I feel the itch to have a "store store", I have access to a great room with a beautiful window for pop up shops. I thought of using that space as a store for my entrepreneurship program that I run. For now, we all can use it for pop up shops. I am also thinking of turning it into a makerspace for the public. Hmmmmm....

I see clients by appointment only. To schedule your appointment, hop over to my website .

Here are a few pictures of the space. I don't have a sign up yet because I can't decide what I want!

Oustide of the Entrance of 1150 Revolution Mill Dr

Walk in the lobby & down the stairs
I' in here, Studio #1

My suite is beside this fabulous picture painted by the owner



One of my sewing students during her lesson in my suite!

Artist Felix Semper
Schedule your appointment for a custom garment, alterations or sewing lesson. 
~Rosalyn Womack
1150 Revolution Mill Dr, Studio #1
To learn more about the Revolution Mills and the $108 million renovations going on, visit