Thursday, February 4, 2016

Big Hair Ball 2016

In my previous post, I shared the sketches that I sent to my client and the chosen one.
Here is a picture of the ball gown at what we thought was the final fitting.

Even thought the gown was gorgeous, elegant and exactly like the sketch, we decided to take it up a few notches. Being snowed in for a few days and not having the dress in my possession, I came up with a few different ideas of what to do.
Well, I bustled the dress, added a hoop skirt and added some more gold embroidery.
At the dress rehearsal, I was able to put it all together and this is what it looked like:
Dress description:
Dark red shantung ballgown with metallic gold embroidery inspired by the rich Middle Eastern Lebanese culture of the owners of Pita Delite. Hints of gold embroidered circles to resemble pita bread.
It is gorgeous if I do say so myself!
I also had to make a mask. I started with a basic one that I painted and added rhinestones, but later I decided I wanted something different. I have been wanting to experiment with free standing lace for a long time. Now was the perfect time. Here is the model on the night of the fashion show/ball with her dress, mask an big hair.

The two of us taking pictures before the show.

To my surprise, I won the Chair's Choice Award for Best Design for a Local Designer!

Nawal (my model) and her parents, the owners of the delicious Pita Delite (my sponsor), were such a pleasure to work with. I'm honored to have been asked to participate in the Big Hair Ball again. Family Service of the Piedmont raised a ton of money that night to continue to do the awesome work that they do for the community!

BHB 2016 from Albion Associates on Vimeo.

Until next time, Stay Beautiful!

~Rosalyn W.
1150 Revolution Mill Dr Studio #1


  1. Congratulations, Rosalyn! The underskirt with the embroidery is totally breathtaking! I've never seen anything like it. I'm sure that it will be a night that EVERYONE remembers! No one could be more deserving of the honor you were awarded! The dress is absolutely STUNNING! It's Unforgettable! <3

  2. I'm so proud of you! FB

  3. Congratulations, Rosalyn.

    The gown is very beautiful!

    Nora Jones